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Indiana DIV JO Results from Denver!

The 2023 USA Fencing Junior Olympic Championships were held in Denver, CO, this past February.  And Indiana Division Cadet and Junior fencers put up some impressive results.


Leading the way, Josephina "Jo Jo" Conway, Notre Dame, who claimed a medal with her 5th place finish in JR Women's Foil; Meredith Palmer (EDL) 48th and Evelyn Malvestuto (Northwest Indiana Fencing Club) 225th. In JR Men's Foil - James Ball (Tim Morehouse) 73rd; Aidan JI (Culver/Star) 136th, Viad Lovin (Culver/Renaissance) 184th, and Salvatore Sorrentino (Northwest Indiana Fencing Club) 281st.


In Cadet Women's Epee - Artmis Vincent Boruff (EDL) 55th, Grace Nelson (EDL/Schoolhouse) 179th.  In Cadet Men's Foil - Aidan JI (Culver/Schoolhouse) 87th.  In JR Men's Epee - Eliott Loiseau (EDL) 217th.  In JR Women's Epee - Grace Nelson (EDL/Schoolhouse) 168th. In JR Women's Sabre - Aubrey Testroet (Northwest Indiana Fencing) 160th

In Cadet Men's Epee - Eliott Loiseau (EDL) 12th.  In Cadet Women's Foil - Evelyn Malvestuto (Northwest Indiana Fencing) 198th.  In Cadet Women's Sabre - Gloria Wang (Culver) 106th.  And in Cadet Men's Sabre - Elijah Wagner (Northwest Indiana Fencing) 204th.

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—  Unknown.

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