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A large part of the Division's job is providing Indiana fencers with resources and support. Check out this page for information about USA Fencing, equipment, and more.

Useful Links For Members

Below are some links to key pages on USA Fencing's website that you may find useful.

Learn about the various memberships and add-ons available through USA Fencing and join as a member. Registering will allow you to join USFA clubs and compete in sanctioned tournaments at the local, regional, and national levels.

USA Fencing's Athlete's Handbook is a comprehensive resource for information regarding competition formats, qualification paths, point standings, and more.

Those interested in competing are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with its contents in advance.

This will link you to USA Fencing's Regional Tournament Information page, an excellent landing page for those who are interested in or actively competing on the regional circuit. You may easily navigate to similar pages regarding national events using the side menu.

The Indiana Division of USA Fencing is committed to providing members with education and support regarding the prevention and reporting of any abuse or misconduct as defined under the U.S. Center for SafeSport, the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP), and all other applicable laws and statutes*.

* If you suspect or are made aware of any abuse or misconduct, use this link to report it to USA Fencing (FenceSafe), the U.S. Center for SafeSport, and/or the appropriate law enforcement.

Finding Tournaments


One of the most valuable elements of a fencer's training is testing their skills in a competitive environment. There are various competitive opportunities available at the local, regional, and national levels, both USFA-sanctioned and unsanctioned. 


"Sanctioned" events provide fencers the opportunity to earn ranking classifications, and sometimes regional or national points, based on their final results in their event. "Unsanctioned" events do not award classifications or points but are a great place to practice in a low- to no-stakes environment.


There are two main places where you can browse upcoming tournaments:

This is the best place to search for local tournaments. You will find a mix of USFA-sanctioned and unsanctioned events on this site.

(Make sure you have a USA Fencing membership before attending your first, sanctioned local event!)

This is the best place to search for regional and national tournaments. Events listed on this site are USFA-sanctioned.


(We highly recommend that fencers and parents monitor this site regularly and pay close attention to the registration deadlines to avoid late sign-up fees!)

Fencing Equipment


Once you've decided to commit to the sport, you'll probably want to buy personal equipment. There are many vendors out there, various brands, and a range of price points for each type of product.

Keep in mind that, as long as it arrives in good condition, new gear purchased from a proper vendor should be safe to use, and if anything arrives broken or is the wrong size, you can usually return and exchange your purchase. In addition to vendors, you may find pre-owned gear available on eBay or Facebook Marketplace for a significantly lower price (just beware of scams and sub-standard gear). We strongly urge you to reach out to your fencing coach or a fellow clubmate before purchasing anything.

Here are a handful of links to various equipment vendors to help you get started:

Please note:

The Indiana Division of USA Fencing is not affiliated with any vendors. Specific vendor names and links are for educational purposes only.

USA Fencing Links
Finding Tournaments
Fencing Equipment
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