2021 Indiana Division Officers and Directors

The 2021 - 2022 Indiana Division Officers and Directors who were elected at annual meeting.  These elected board members will serve from August 1, 2021 - until replaced by newly elected officers and directors in conjunction with Indiana Cup and Division Elections in July 2022.

Larry Shipp - Chair

Tim Dickson - Vice Chair (IFC)

Erick Smith - Secretary (Purdue)

Jaison Laker - Treasurer (4 Swordsmen)

Directors - David Leighton (EDL), Tom McNally (Culver), Mark Brandyberry (RCF), Mercedes DeMoss (Purdue) and Shadi Resheidat (RCF)

Indiana Fencers Have Excellent Summer Nationals

As 2021 USA Fencing Summer Nationals and Junior Olympics Fencing Championships in Philadelphia comes to an end, a review of results of Indiana fencers shows outstanding results over the 10-day tournament.


Leading the way with a top three finish medal and podium finish was Shadi Resheidat, River City Fencing, who finished 3rd in both VET 40 Men's Foil and VET 40 Men's Epee. Other Top 10 results came from Val Kizik, IndySabre's, 5th place finish in VET 60 Men's Sabre; Linda Dunn, IndySabre's, 6th place finish, in VET 60 Women's Foil; Claire Lee, Indianapolis Fencing Club, along with her fellow teammates in VET Team Women's Foil, finishing 6th, and Claire also finished 20th in VET 50 Women's Foil; and, Harper Schmitt, EDL, finishing 8th in Y10 Women's Epee.


Other notable finishers, Oscar Louiseau, EDL, 11th, Y10 Men's Epee; Louise Leighton, EDL, 11th VET 60 Women's Epee; Josephina Conway, EDL, 14th, JR Women's Foil, and 19th, Cadet Women's Foil;; Eliott Louiseau, EDL, 19th, Y12 Men's Epee; Daniel Fangman, EDL, 19th, VET 60 Men's Epee; Adelaide Benoit, IndySabre, 20th, DIV IA Women's Sabre; Lauren Kittle, IndySabre, 21st, DIV III Women's Sabre; Miriam Grady, EDL/ND, 25th in DIV I Women's Epee; Albert Green, IndySabre, 25th VET 60 Men's Sabre.; Tom Hanahan, IFC, 27th, VET 60 Men's Epee; and, Malik Resheidat, IndySabre, 30th, DIV IA Men's Sabre.


Clubs represented at Summer Nationals included, IndySabre, Northwest Indiana Fencing, Indianapolis Fencing Club, Culver, Notre Dame, Purdue, EDL, and River City.


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