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2023 Indiana Division Officers and Directors

The 20223- 2024 Indiana Division Officers and Directors who were elected at its annual meeting July 30, 2023.  These elected board members will serve from August 1, 2023 - until replaced by newly elected officers and directors in conjunction with Indiana Cup and Division Elections in July 2024.

Paul Geraci - Chair

Dominique Hance - Vice Chair (IU)

Erick Smith - Secretary (River City)

Jaison Laker - Treasurer (4 Swordsmen)

Directors - David Leighton (EDL),  Larry Shipp (IFC)), Mercedes DeMoss (Purdue); Tim Dickson (IFC); Pawel Kraj (IU); and, Nathan Cardenas (SDL).

Indiana Summer National 2023 Results

Here's a review of the successful results of Indiana Fencers at the 2023 USA Fencing Summer National Championships just finishing in Phoenix -

Earning podium finishes and medals were Linda Dunn (IndySabre), 2nd Vet Sabre; Aubrey Testroet (Northwest Indiana), 5th DIV III Women's Sabre; Harper Schmitt (EDL), 8th Y12 Women's Epee; and, Louise Leighton (EDL), 8th Vet Women's Epee.

In other Top 20 performances - Josephina Conway (ND), 12th JR Women's Foil; Macey Franger (EDL), 12th Y12 Women's Epee; Caleb Brutus (Northwest Indiana),19th DIV II Men's Sabre; Paulo Morais (ND), 20th DIV I Men's Foil; and, Miriam Grady (EDL), 20th DIV I Women's Epee.

In Top 50 performances - Oscar Louiseau (EDL), 21st Y12 Men's Epee; Noah Perry (EDL), 23rd Y10 Men's Epee; Josephina Conway (ND), 23rd DIV I Women's Foil; Aidan Ji (Culver), 40th DIV IA Men's Foil; James Ball, 44th DIV IA Men's Foil; Alexa Praxl (Lawrence U), 46th in DIV III Women's Sabre; and, Harper Schmitt (EDL), 47th Y14 Women's Epee.

Henry Mberia (IFC), 53rd Y10 Men's Epee; Meredith Palmer (EDL), 59th JR Women's Foil and 60th DIV I Women's Foil; James Ball, 63rd JR Men's Foil; Emma Franger (EDL), 64th Y10 Women's Epee; Timothy Parker (Lawrence U), 75th DIV III Men's Sabre; Yikai Lu (Culver), 82nd JR Men's Foil; Grace Nelson (EDL), 88th DIV IA Women's Epee; Yakai Lu (Culver), 84th DIV I Men's Foil; Mercedes DeMoss (Purdue), 94th DIV III Women's Foil; Sean Maleady (Northwest Indiana), 110th DIV III Men's Epee; Mary Franger (EDL), 109th Y14 Women's Epee; and, Harper Schmitt (EDL), 127th JR Women's Epee and 129th Cadet Women's Epee. Also, Erick Smith (RCF), 132nd DIV II Men's Foil and 137th DIV IA Men's Foil; Quilan Hill (Northwest Indiana), 131st DIV II Men's Sabre; Oscar Loiseau (EDL), 138th Y14 Men's Epee; Evelyn Malvestuto (Northwest Indiana), 143rd DIV II Women's Foil; and, Sahaj Sharma (IFC), 138th Y10 Men's Epee..

In other results - Aidan Ji (Culver), 150th DIV I Men's Foil; Noah Perry (EDL), 151st Y12 Men's Epee; Analise McKenna (EDL), 152nd Y14 Women's Epee; Max Franger (EDL), 152nd Y14 Men's Epee; Mercedes DeMoss (Purdue), 153rd DIV II Women's Foil; Analise McKenna (EDL), 173rd Cadet Women's Epee; Macy Parker (EDL), 177th Cadet Women's Epee; Alexander Mberia (IFC), 178th Y12 Mens Epee; Chenyu Li (Culver), 183rd DIV I Men's Epee; and, Prudence Malvestuto (Northwest Indiana), 191st Y14 Women's Sabre. Also - Aidan Ji (Culver), 207th JR Men's Foil; Grace Nelson (EDL), 211th JR Women's Epee and Cadet Women's Epee; Oscar Loiseau (EDL), 228th Cadet Men's Epee; Elijah Wagner (Northwest Indiana), 231st Cadet Men's Sabre; Max Franger (EDL), 255th Cadet Men's Epee; Analise McKenna (EDL), 274th JR Women's Epee; Elijah Wagner (Northwest Indiana), 326th JR Men's Sabre; and, Chenyu Li (Culver), 336th JR Men's Epee.

Congratulation fencers!


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