An open letter to all Indiana Division Fencers - May 16, 2020:

As most all are aware - fencing events, nationally, regionally and locally, have been cancelled and/or postponed, and are subject to re-opening based on Indiana state guidelines under a combined directive from USA Fencing and Indiana Division.

Practice sessions, classes and open fencing at all USFA sanctioned clubs within the state, including most university programs are also postponed or cancelled until further notice.

For those concerned about whether or not Summer Nationals will be held this year a final decision will be made by the end of May. With all divisions being provided time when fencing, and qualifying events are allowed to resume, to qualify fencers.

As we are all in this together, lets continue our collective act of solidarity and support of each other, and practice good social distancing and other CDC recommendations.

We will continue to advise on any and all changes that affect our fencing community as we learn them. And invite you to contact the division with any questions or concerns you might have at info@indianafencing.org.

Stay alert! And, stay safe!

Larry Shipp

Chair, Indiana Division USA Fencing

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